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Is Walmart now selling Marijuana?

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, January 16th 2014. Journalist Ray Kirk
One would think that Walmart is now selling Marijuana, now that "Always Low Prices", their multimillion dollar household slogan is being used for an online marijuana marketplace. Sam Walton might have just turned over in his grave… Always Low Prices is displayed throughout the United States, from semi trucks to every Walmart complex around. Quite a provocative strategy for the founder of, Brad Morehouse, who purchased in 1995. It wasn’t until 2003 that Walmart got around to trade marking it’s famous slogan. One can easily see how this new would go viral, as it raises concerns among Walmart’s higher-ups. Simply doing an internet search for "Always Low Prices" results in

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1and1 has No Integrity! Bad Company.

Internet Deputy has personally experienced evil like dealings with 1 and 1 internet.
Dec13th 2012 Corporate Domain Names started transferring 76 domain names to 1and 1 and then trouble started.
Many names would not process due to errors in system. After hours of headaches and even loosing a one word domain name due to a 1and1 system error, Corporate Domain Names was now out of a $10,000 name. 1and1 would not take any responsibility in the mater. 
The story gets worse. 1and1 system DNS would constantly fail and (READ MORE  >>)

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